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Vallauris - Cigales Bookends

Item 3135

An unusual pair of ceramic bookends modelled as cicadas with hand painted decoration & sponged glazes.
Unmarked. Made in the Vallauris region (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur).

French, Circa 1950.

*The people of Provence adopted the cicada as their symbol.

According to Provençal folklore, the cicada was sent by God to rouse peasants from their afternoon siestas on hot summer days and prevent them from becoming too lazy. The plan backfired: Instead of being disturbed by the cicada, the peasants found the sound of their buzzing relaxing, which in turn lulled them to sleep.

There is a Provençal expression: Il ne fait pas bon de travailler quand la cigale chante, or “It’s not good to work when the cicada is singing.”

CONDITION: Excellent