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Paul Silvestre - "Chevreau' Statuette

Item 3198

An Art Déco bronze sculpture of a bucking billy goat set on a bronze base and decorated with a variegated patina. Signed "Silvestre" and "Susse Frs. Edts, Paris" along with a circular cachet reading "Susse Frères Éditeurs, Paris" and flanked by the letters J & M.

French, Circa 1925.

*Paul Silvestre (1884-1976) - French sculptor.

*Susse Frères was an important Parisian foundry established in 1839 by brothers Michel Victor Susse and Amedee Susse. The foundry cast bronze sculptures of leading artists and other decorative bronze items of exceptional quality.

CONDITION: Excellent

DIMENSIONS: H:14 x L:12 x D:8cm